“By your Voice you will be known,”

VitalVoice provides the possibility to get to know the person behind the voice, mainly by listening in a correct way. Vital Voice states that by working on ‘space’ in the voice, psychosomatic complains can disappear, without having to work through an exhausting track of emotional- and conceptual releases. We merely appeal to the selfregulating, selfhealing capacities of the body-mind-system.


Seen from the perspective of resonans our body can be experienced as a musical/soundinstrument, that reacts on its surroundings. All things considered this musical/soundinstrument is build of genetic material, conditionings and conciousness. These elements are all flexible and subject to change. Together they form the bases of the personality.

Through the whole ‘sound body’ the personal voice can resonate. After all, the body exists about 75% of water and water is a very good conductor for sound. Therefore resonance is not limited to the ‘hollow/airy spaces’ of the body (nose, forehead, ear-cavity and troth- and breast-cavities), but can be experienced through the whole body. Especially the mucus system reacts strongly.

Mucus has a direct connection with the (para)sympathetic nervous system. This automatic system is responsible for fight-flight-rest, in other words the tention levels = stress levels of the body. It takes care of the heartbeat-rate, breath, imuun regulation and is constantly active in keeping the optimum balance in health and well-being. It keeps the body ‘safe’.

Because the voice can resonate through the whole body, it actually functions as a echo-scope.  The degree in which the body resonates, gives us an impression about the ‘space’ in the system.

In this way the voice provides information about the conditioning on a Physical level, an Emotional level, a Mental Level and… it provides the possibility to ‘out-off-the-box’-awareness.

Principally all complains are related to the voice.

  • either the voice is damaged organically. In this case the voice is subject and goal of the treatment
  • or the voice shows us which part of the music/sound-instrument doesn’t resonate correctly. (where pressure resides, there can be no resonans). In this case the voice can be used as diagnostic tool and therapy. Pressure implicates a (temporary) raised stresslevel. When this continues, conditioning pattern are revealed.

VitalVoice can be used as a:

  • diagnostic tool
  • therapy method
  • treatment goal

The method is an ongoing organically growing proces, in which experience is the the core.

Apart from our personal experience (about 40 years now) the research result from:

  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer (neuroloog),
  • Oliver Sacks (hoogleraar neurologie),
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton (celbioloog),
  • Don Campbell (muziektherapeut),
  • Gerda Alexander (School voor Eutonie),
  • Dr. Alfred Tomatis (KNO-arts),
  • Dr. Hans Jenny (arts),
  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Walter Rohmert (ergonomie) & Gisela Rohmert (Lichtenberger Methode)
  • Nobelprijswinnaar Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (fysiologie en geneeskunde),

are from the utmost importance for the development of VitalVoice.

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