Key to Stress-ability & Health

Health & Well-being are precious. Without it we have nothing. We mention them in one breath and that is not at random. In 1946 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined health as follows:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental en social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

This definition still stands and is the base of her advice to all nations, worldwide. The importance of this definition is that is shows a connection of our physical, mental and social/emotional function. When disturbed, complains will not be limited to one area, but it will have an impact on the totality of our functions. And so, we actually speak of lifestyle.


Where do you stand, concerning your life? How do you handle it? What supports you, what disturbs you? Is there place for contentment? Maybe you already have (physical) complaints like lack of energy, exhaustion, all kind of pains that you recognise as stress, burn-out, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)? Make sure you aren’t ‘spent’!

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The development of work stress related complaints follows an abusive lifestyle and can lead to all kinds of physical an emotional complaints. They are the result of the way we deal with what we encounter. Health-complains are signals that this system is not functioning properly. The other aspect of the matter is, that your body has an tremendous self-healing capacity, if you give it that change by offering it the right circumstances.
Working from this perspective, your complains can really be dealt with. And… you get a grip on you personal function.

Our approach targets your physical-, mental- and social/emotional function. We work preventive as well as curative, with a broad arsenal of possibilities like stress-management, coaching to improve your life’s circumstances like: balancing your life-rhythm, your perspectives, surrounding. Advice for the proper nourishment, vitamins, minerals etc.

Who is this for?
For everyone with preventive of curative health- and well-being issues who is willing to partake an active role in recovery.

Purpose: to find a new balance and personal fitting lifestyle and by doing so, to make complains diminish or disappear.

Presentation: personal coaching/treatment or group-training

The Key to Stress-ability & Health-program is presented as personal coaching/training or as an in-company group-training. In all cases we deliver customized, tailored work, based on your personal needs. For information about costs, possibilities, conditions and appointments, please contact us.

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