Who are we?

The people behind Center for human development are Drs. J.T. Ling and Mrs. A. van der Meer, both paramedics and passionate researchers in the field of health and well-being of people and organisations. Their continues study, research-urge and their open mind, provide the possibilities to innovating views. They use them in their coaching, training and schooling, and in their advising and coaching of organisations and businesses.

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Drs. Jou Ting Ling
HealthCare psychologist (GZ-BIG ®)
Work & Organisation psychologist
Body-working psychologist (LWP-NIP)
Revalidation psychologist (NIP)
Intercultural Working psychologist (NIP)
Orthomolecular therapist Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology
Trainer/coach for fast (Picture)Thinkers
Research & Development Manager
Trouble-shooter Healthcare

Multifunctional psychologist from Chinese-Dutch origin. Because of his roots, he has a broad view on people, their functioning and their health. He always searches for the balance between body and soul. For this he uses his specialities in clinical psychology, movement-tutorials, breath-therapy, Ki-Aikido, Ki-training and Kiatsu. He shares this knowledge through stress-management, communication- and burn-out-coaching. For more than 38 years now, he gives training and coaching to organisations and individuals and lectures as guest-lecturer at scientific seminars. Beside this he works as director and psychologist at Para-MC-Lelystad.

Anita van der Meer (bachelor of Art)
Speech-therapist (BIG)
Psycho-somatic (voice)therapist
Communication psychologist
Personal Coach Higher Management
Natural Healthcare Therapeut (NVPA/RING, BATC)
Trouble-shooter Healthcare
Research & Development Manager

Always curious to the ‘how and why’, Anita has never been afraid to cross the boundaries of her specialities, seeking the balance between body and mind. This developed a broad view in coaching people for therapeutic purposes as well as educational. For about 25 years now, she works internationally as trainer/coach for companies, organisations and individual groups. (Up till now she worked in the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, USA, Spain. Germany and Egypt). Beside this she works as director and paramedic at Para-MC-Lelystad.

By Center for Human Development developed Programs:
Coaching/training for Fast (Picture)Thinkers,
Field balancing/Vector balancing (Mind-emptiness)
=> know your own ‘blueprint’
=> optimal communication (organisation- en personal coaching)
=> stress management
TotalVoice: all aspects of the personality en its voice
Woman in the Circle: about finding the essence of Womanhood
The Human Dimension Mapped

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