Welcome to Center for Human Development

Center for Human Development is an institute that is for more than 25 years active in the field of Labour, Health and Well-being for people and organizations. We do this by means of counselling, coaching, training & education and by means of our Think Tank Service.

Think Tank:
Advice, research and development: for organizations in the field of health and communication. Customized, tailored to the needs of your business or organization.

Here you find a brief overview of the programs available at the moment:

* For the manager we have our Key Management-program available:
‘The 5 Keys tot Success’
, which contains:

1. Key to Communication
All aspects of communication.
For CEO’s and all those with a quick thinking mind, that want to master all aspect of communication. (picture/spatial thinking, quick-thinking, high giftedness…).

2. Key to VitalVoice:
Present yourself and your message in a clear explicit way.
No new communication tricks, but substantial changes!

3. Key to Team & Talent
Determine one’s personal qualities and/or where to fit into the team of an organization.

4. Key to Stress-ability & Health
What can you do for a good personal health.

5. Key to Ergonomics & Feng Shui
How to make optimal use of your (workspaces, so they support performance, health & well-being.

* For the HR Specialist we offer:

Stress-ability for Fast (picture)Thinkers
Course: for Healthcare Professionals and HR-coaches to develop the capability to support this particular group of brilliant but vulnerable individuals.

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