Key to Team & Talent

personality & teamKey to Team & Talent is the result of a 25 year development based on working with a diversity of personal and talent analysis-methods. What or who a person thinks he is, what his qualities are or what he/she thinks they are, how someone functions in a team…, all this depends on many different aspects.

To map this, we work with:

    1. a basis analysis called Nine Star Ki. Nine Star Ki is a universal analysis method to gain insight in someone’s personal qualities. The method is centuries old and is rooted in the Chinese culture. Especially is the Feng Shui it is frequently consulted. 




      By means of the Nine Star Ki method and the date of birth of your team members, we can make a chart that shows you the qualities of each team member and where the fit in best.


  1. a more profound analysis based on, among others, the numerology and Vedic Jyotish. This provides the opportunity to offer a personal assessment with a lot of attention for purpose, life-work and life goals. This format blends in well with the Nine Star Ki method.

Who is this for?
for individuals as well as organisations, that want to learn about themselves en/or want to work on a better functioning.

Purpose: (depending on the demand):
to obtain insight in personal functioning, qualities and personal motivations. To be able to shape and balance those aspects.And/or to obtain insight in the way the organisation and its members is functioning.

personal coaching/group-training

The Key to Team & Talent-program is presented as personal coaching/training or as an in-company group-training. In all cases we deliver customized, tailored work, based on your personal needs. For information about costs, possibilities, conditions and appointments, please contact us.

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