Key to VitalVoice

What impression do I make?
Voice, speech and presentation are important tools to get your message across the threshold. Maybe you didn’t know, but your voice is the first thing your auditors react on and decide if you are worhwhile to listen to. In the second place comes the way you present yourself: your posture, your gesticulation, the way you look etc. Then finally, in the third place, the attention goes to the contents of your message. And if your public had already decided that your performance is not interesting …

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Field experience: As an event manager of a big company Susan organises symposia. She has a very demanding job, especially when a new event is at hand. She is constantly talking on her phone. Often during the organisation things don’t go as they should go and she has to be very alert to correct this. She is introducing guests speakers and behind the scenes she is taking care that everybody is where he should be at the right moment. Especially the introductions trouble her. She finds them difficult to do and experiences a lot of tension. She still can suppress this, but it stays awkward. Lately she notices that her voice is hesitating. It doesn’t start immediately, stops suddenly, sounds low, rough and hoarse. More often people ask her to repeat what she has said, because they couldn’t hear her. Or they ask her to speak more slowly. She already explored those options, but found that her voice lost expression and she was no longer able to entertain her guests. At the end of the day Susan is exhausted and prefers to be silent. She is worried that she can’t keep up working this way but she has no alternatives.What goes wrong, what can she do about it?

The field experience shows elements like use of voice/voice stamina, pronunciation, formulation, rate of speech, personality and body language. All important elements for plain, understandable communication. We all can find tricks to enhance these, but in practice you can’t run a complete checklist during communication.

‘Your voice mirrors who you are’, people sometimes state. Actually we can interpret this quite literally: the word ‘person’ is deduced from the Latin word ‘per – sona’, which means ‘ through sound’. We know a person by his/her sound. The first impression we make is with the sound of our voice, our body language and our personality. Only then follows the contents of what we are saying. Gaining more insight and learning to work with this increases the quality of our communication.

Who is this for?: For everybody who has to speak a great deal. Whether it is for performances, presentations, conference meetings or plain telephone work. For the politician, as well as TV presenters, sales managers and managing directors etc.

Purpose: To present your message in your own natural unique way and to be able to recognise and use the result of it.

Presentation: personal coaching/group-training

The Key to VitalVoice-program can be presented as personal coaching as well as in company grouptraining. In all cased we deliver customized, tailored work, based on yóur needs. For more information, possibilities, costs, conditions and appointments, please contact us.

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