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The Key to Communication-training with Center for Human Development has made a profound impact on me. My coaches were J.T. Ling and Anita van der Meer. Due to the professional approach, their creative guidance and their personal engagement I was able to change myself on a communicative- and mental level within a year and get more energy out off the things that are importnat to me and my surroundings. According to my surroundings I have grown tremendously due to this coaching and am more tolerant and capable to put things in perspective. Especially the guidance of Anita van der Meer has played an important part in this.
April 11, 2013 Eric Vegers.

Ministerie van Defensie, Commando Diensten
Hereby I want to express that the training-program is almost finished . This training has been exceedingly effect full for us. The effects were immediately visible in the daily routine, the contacts of the ‘shop floor’ and the personal ‘mood’-condition. When such a situation should present itself, I will hearteningly recommend your company.
Octobre 27 2011. Lieutenant-Colonel.

Bob Boverman
owner P2 pas de deux
Drs. J.T. Ling supports me and my family as a fine holistic coach and makes me curious for my own overall approach!
January 12, 2011, Bob

General Electric Plastics Europe:
Herewith we would like to express our gratitude for your pilot-program Key-Management Training. It was a very dynamic experience and very worthwhile. The program fitted in very well in the seminar program of that week. We especially liked the practical applicability. We thank you again and hope to work with you again in the near future.
June 26, 1990

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